LERASA welcomes membership and the support of any person, association or other body involved in the broad field of Labour and Employment Relations in South Africa, irrespective of the person's qualifications or experience or the nature, role or type of involvement of such a person, association or body in this field.

There are five classes of members of the Association termed respectively as Individual Members, Corporate Members, Student members, Trade Unions and Honorary Members.

These members are:

  • Individual Members are persons who are engaged in the broad field of labour and employment relations;
  • Corporate members are any organisation or part of an organisation in the private or public sector including corporations, trade unions and their federations, employers, employer organisations and their federations, as well as educational and research institutions;
  • Student members are bona fide students of tertiary educational institutions or on learnerships; who are not in full-time employment, studying and/or engaged in the field of Labour and Employment Relations;
  • Trade Union members of registered trade unions;
  • Honorary members are persons who may be nominated by Executive Committee in recognition for outstanding services to the Association. The appointment of an honorary member must be ratified by the members at an Annual General Meeting.